Saturday, March 21, 2009

Fairy Tale Culture of Love

It’s no wonder so many women are completely
screwed up in their love lives. Young girls taught
mind-corrupting tales of prince charming saving her
from it all and completely ignoring reality by ending
tales with “and once they met, they lived happily ever

They’ve been taught to seek and nurture unrealistic
expectations. This fairy tale mentality results in
skewed thinking and an inability to accept and
function appropriately in reality.

Many times even women in their thirties and forties
who have been through multiple relationships and
even years of marriages(s) will continue to vocalize
their desire to “meet my prince charming” “have a
millionaire come take me away from all this”.

Sure, some might say it’s a mere fantasy, but many
women are work themselves into an uncontrollable
frenzy wondering why they have missed the socalled
gravy train. At some point an individual must
overcome dependence on fantasy and has to snap
out of it, become and adult and make a conscious
decision to either live a real life or settle for being an
angry old maid. Happiness is missed, dreams are
dashed away and ultimately many, many lives are
wasted by frivolous pursuit of some totally
unobtainable ideal.