Friday, March 12, 2010

The Controlling, Bossy Woman

I am not a fan of the overbearing woman. That is not to say that I might not occasionally enjoy being dominated by an aggressive woman, but my particular tastes are focused more on certain intimate occasions on which I shall dwell no further at this time. What I am addressing right now are the women who are unwilling to restrict their overpowering tendencies to private quarters and instead insist on treating a man like a rough chunk of stone just waiting to be sculpted at their fingertips. Real men are meant to be rough and jagged like a stone. Too much grooming and refining will eventually convert a man into a
creepy sort of metrosexual with all the masculinity and personality of an ostrich egg. In my relationships, I desire to be the wielder of the chisel.

A strong, independent woman can be very attractive. In fact, that is exactly what I crave for the long term. But the problem arises when a woman takes on a man not as a partner, but as a project. From the onset she is less focused on who, how and
what he is than who, how and what she believes she can transform him into. It’s the classic princess desiring the frog story in which only she has the powers to lift the ugly that nature cast upon him and reveal his true elegance and potential. In short, it is a disaster waiting to happen.

The truth be told, there are many men who do enjoy being kept. And by kept, I don’t just mean being provided for; heck, I think I could deal with that one if the opportunity ever came along, but this is more about having every aspect of your very being dictated to you. Still, there are plenty of men who enjoy just that. I guess it does free you from the burden of decision making when your partner never asks your opinion and never considers your input. But that just ain’t the thing for me.

There are men who consider the woman’s constant tinkering and perfecting as signs of affection. They will gladly sit up, roll over and perform her every command as if in the throes of canine obedience training; perfectly content with the attention their lover is bestowing upon them. They consider this attention
as true proof of her interest. I believe this view is misguided. If her every effort is meant to alter his behavior, then is it really him that she wants? It seems to me that if she’s trying to cast him in a different mold, then maybe he had better snap out of that pheromone induced trance and consider who it is she is trying to make him emulate. Check it out mate…it is detrimental to your present and future to understand where her motivations are coming from. Clearly she must have an end result in mind and that may be one of a man that she has already had or desires to
have in her life. If a fellow requires such extensive training and changing, he probably isn’t the real man she desires anyway. A ball of clay requires a whole lot of manipulating before it ever reaches the point where it will be placed on display, shown off and bragged about. I’m just saying that if a guy is serving as her clay (not necessarily restricted to guys with the name ‘Clay’) then he ought to have a little concern regarding what she imagines the masterpiece will look like before he completely turns himself over for remaking. Some fellows might never recover from being thrust forcefully onto the spinning knob of that contraption used to form clay. I mean, clearly such an experience can cause serious harm to a man; mentally as well as physically.