Friday, February 25, 2011


Consent to marriage is not unlike voluntarily offering oneself for commitment to an asylum. If you think it’s bad on the outside and that somehow support from the institution will help, then you’ll most likely be sorely disappointed at the plain brick walls, thin mattresses, rubber wallpaper, unflattering robes, plastic utensils, bland food and writing with crayons versus pencils. You know it’s going to be hell, but since you’ve clearly given up on better prospects in the future, you might as well jump on into that crazy whirlpool with full restraints in place.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mismatched Pairings

If you’ve failed alone thus far in life, then seeking a partner to aid in making a better future seems reasonable. But one must remember that if this is your goal (and it is for so many) then the quality of your selection is critically important. It is imperative to ensure that your potential mate shares similar attitudes and goals in life.

A negative and a positive will still ultimately equate to a negative. You should not enter a relationship because you’re after a savior. Likewise, it makes no sense at all to develop a partnership with someone who offers nothing but negativity to your equation.

If you are sinking, then clinging to a stone is no solution; instead you’ll want someone at least buoyant and at best a strong swimmer. If you are in debt, then a partner with a great career and financially savvy is very attractive, but if you are a rising star then it doesn’t make sense to join forces with someone who is incapable of successfully mustering the effort to climb at least a few steps up from his or her dismal situation.

Beware the mismatched pairings!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

What About This “Independent Woman” Claim?

I have come to believe that this phenomenon is NOT the declaration of a lifestyle choice to prove that she is strong, capable, smart and independent enough to take care of everything on her own. It is NOT a declaration that she refuses on principle to rely on a man for anything. All it really seems to mean is that she doesn’t currently have a man paying her way.

Watch how fast her tune changes once a man presents an interest. Her pride and her wallet will go tucked away together, deeply into that cavernous purse she paid a lot more for than I spent on my first car. It won’t see the light of day again until she finishes with the poor guy and she once again regresses behind raising the flag of "independence" as a manner of consoling herself on the loss of a partner and the current lack of a man she can manipulate.