Sunday, June 21, 2009

Same Sex Civil Unions

Do gays really want their relationships to become
mainstream and run-of-the-mill? I’ve become more
excepting of the gay lifestyle as it has been forced on
us over the past couple of decades. I’m sure
indoctrination was the intended result. Now I see
that they demand the right to marry. Oh boy, what a
mistake. I say give it to them if they are so stupidly
inclined. They obviously know not for what they
wish. Don’t they realize that having the legal inability
to marry is actually an incredible benefit? I mean,
really, how many other benefits can there possibly
be from sleeping with another man. You both like
the same things in sports and entertainment, neither
is inclined to nag incessantly, you are both always in
the mood, you have the freedom from government
intrusion and legal ties resulting in the gift that keeps
on giving…unrestrained promiscuity! That’s all the
positives I can think of. The freedom from legal ties
and abundance of promiscuity are the only things
that I can find attractive from that lifestyle; as an
outsider looking in. If you take away those pluses by
instituting a legal avenue for gay marriage, getting
the government involvement in these peoples
personal lives and burdening their relationships with
legal commitments then they will undoubtedly lose a
whole lot of members. When you are in such an
enviable position with an exceptional set of benefits
you have to think very hard before initiating action
that will result in abolishing them. You might
ultimately regret it and others to follow will abhor
your meddling.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Answer: Can True Love Be a Numbers Game?

Reader's question: "Can finding true love be a numbers game?"

Adam's answer:

It could be that you are not yet familiar enough with yourself to understand that you may be attracted to the wrong kind of guy. That might sound like a simple answer, but fixing that problem may be a little bit more time consuming. I'm guessing that the book you referenced offers a method of reaching the desired conclusion. Your proposed theory of dating three guys simultaneously to aid development of an idea of what you both want to find as well as honing in on what you wish to avoid sounds like a triangulation strategy.

While such a method might work for some I can imagine that very many women would find themselves overwhelmed and suffer even greater confusion. Might I suggest that rather than intentionally making your dating life more convoluted
and complicated that you instead try spending some time alone in thoughtful review? I'm willing to bet that a better solution will result from your serious
meditation on what it is you want as well as what type of guy will compliment your particular style.

Remember that a successful relationship is a partnership so you have to take an honest inventory of your own assets and liabilities. Sure this sounds overwhelming, but don't make the mistake of thinking you are alone in the challenging game that modern relationships have become. Take your time; don't be too focused on the goal that you fail to pay attention to the road you are traveling.

Lighten up and have a great laugh by looking at one man's many failed dating adventures by reading the book "Relationslips." There are a whole bunch of us
struggling to keep our heads up in this same turbulent sea. Best of luck to you in your own RelationSlips!